Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WOW its 2010!!! and February at that!!

Just where did the school /summer holidays go??
Kids have just gone back to school & into their second day...all is going well so far!! lets hope its a good year for them both..also its my last year having a little one by my side..he is off to school next year!

Holidays were fun..only a few "im bored" comments....but that is to be expected from 10 & 8 yr olds!!
We had swimming lessons at the beach for 2 weeks, went to adventure world, went to mandurah & also went iceskating twice!! i think the kids really enjoyed the iceskating!! I may have to take them again soon! it was a refreshing change from the hot weather we have had this summer

Scrapbooking is on a different day this not sure how it will work for me..weds was a great day as kids finished close to that time but now they dont....i havent done much scrapbooking at all this summer...i did make some cards for a swap im in..the theme was "love" as its valentines day this month!!
I really hope to do some scrapbooking soon....its about time i did some!!

♥ from me

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