Friday, January 8, 2010

new glasses for a new year!

I picked up my new glasses yesterday after we had an afternoon session at the local ice was our first time iceskating & i think everyone did really well!.
Missy took off as soon as she got her iceskates on & after her first go around the edge of the rink she was off to the middle! she took part in the games they had like limbo & tag, however after a a huge fall on her face she lost her confidence a bit & stayed to the edge unless with her daddy!
She had blood all over her face from a cut lip & scratches all over her face from the ice, even her nose looked swollen! ouchie!!

Master 3 wasnt so sure on the ice at first but after seveal goes of me holding him along the edge he got into it! he loved watching the older teens flick up ice "snow' from their skates & once daddy got him into the middle of the rink he didnt want to leave!
Master 10 had fun out on the rink also & didnt fall until the end of the session but he didnt get hurt.

Today has been a lazy saturday with cleaning & the kids have been outside painting their cardboard cubby house. I joined a photo a day group for january, its been quiet interesting & im yet to forget to take one a day!
Kids start swim lessons soon so that will be lots of fun..i love the beach in the early morning of the day its quite peaceful

♥ from me

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