Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scrappy Go Lucky "strut your cuts" Challenge 1

Welcome to the new year!! Its now the second day of 2012 & i finally got a chance to turn miss pink on!! lol
We went to the beach yesterday & had a great time chillaxing on the sand & watching the kids splash about in the waves while my husband had a try at fishing....he doesnt do so well but he keeps on trying anyway!

Happy New Year 2012!!

I love watching the waves crash along the beach and the foamy water reaches further along as the tide gets bigger

Today i cleaned out a shelf to make way for my cricut running out of storage ...yet i continue to keep buying!!

So over at Scrappy Go Lucky they are having a "strut your cuts" Challenge this year to get us all to use our cartridges! I had wanted to do this myself last year....but i failed on my own.....maybe with a whole heap of us i may be inspired to keep at it! If you want to join in at anytime just head on over to Scrappy-go-lucky & check out what Cartridges are being used for the week!

here is My entry:

I used Songbird and used the birdcage & also the Birthday is songbird welded together on my gypsy....i then used a border punch and some ribbon & a rhinestone for the birds eye! This will be for my sister as her birthday is this month!

thanks for stopping by!
♥ from Me


  1. Hi Michelle, I hope you are right and that the pressure of numbers keeps us all using our stuff! Love your card, can't go past Songbird for a good weld! Nice pic of the foamy beach too, what beach were you at?

  2. Nice card love the background paper

  3. Hiya Michelle, Happy New year!! I've passed the Liebster Award (for inpsirational bloggers with under 200 followers) on to you in this post

  4. Cute Card...I don't have that cartridge but I like the looks of that font...mmmmm I hope this challenge doesn't make me want to add to my "collection" rather than use it.

  5. hi
    Thanks laura i will try to pass it on in my next blog post!
    BethanyR: oh i know!! as there are 5 cartridges per week i have seen the baby cart they are using which i dont have & am thinking wow i may need that!! lol
    scrappy go lucky mandy: its called challenger beach near some old shacks ...i have been going there since i can ever remember!

  6. Hi gorgeous! Great to see you entering this one too! I am in. Love using up the carts. Don't worry about Jacob, he will still come visit. He is coming home for Australia day and heading off on a second world tour. LOVING the colours and that cut. I tried so hard to get a birdcage in mine but it wouldn't work!

  7. I love this card, I didnt get this cartridge maybe I just might.