Saturday, December 10, 2011

So much crafting yet such little time!!

Hi all

Its felt like ages since i last has taken over & preparing for Christmas & birthdays has taken my time.

Lots has happened since my last daughter had her dance concert & she did extremely well & won the Trophy on the night in her level...i was so proud of her i couldn't even speak...i had no idea it was coming!! my sister & mum cheered for her as i was speechless in the crowd
The following day my son received 3 letters from a high school he tried out scholarships for & received all 3 he went for!! Totally proud of him too
My youngest just had his end of year concert for kindy & we are so proud of him also...he did really well singing & moving to the song as he should.

OK back to what i have been doing craft wise for Xmas & birthdays
For Christmas i made the teachers a gift basket each...inside i placed some partylite candles in a Xmas tree box i made using my cricut..for the teacher aides i made a snowflake box using my cricut & decorated with some sawyers place washi tape....i also etched some mirrored candle plates & votive candle holders using my cricut & etching cream.

I also made some sweet treats for the kids to take to school for their class mates
& some baubles for the teachers gift baskets

My daughters friend/cousin just had her birthday party so i made these for her...she had a sleepover make up party so i made some favor boxes for her mum to fill & then made her birthday card & also a Justin beiber frame as she loves justin..i used my cricut gelly pens to make it

ok well i think that will do for sure all these pictures are plenty!!
hope to get back & blog before xmas day
♥ from Me

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