Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 12 hour Crop

Hi all

Yesterday a fantastic scrap store near by had a 12 hour scrap day/ i was on the wait list i only got a spot a few weeks ago so with all my kids parties i totally forgot about the dressing up part of the day!

Thankfully it doesn't take much to turn me into a witch!! just ask my husband!!

when i arrived i got shown to my seat...i was with a bunch of witches!! we made up the four witches of scrap....i was Provo witch & Carlene was stuck in the 80's and the 2 other witches were just plain scary....i heard one witch crossed over to the dark side & bought a blue machine that doesn't sound as good as our pink cricuts!!

Here we are at the beginning of the day looking spooktacular

I had a crazy witchy idea to make the haunted house from happy hauntings cart....after i cut out all my pieces Carlene came flying back to her seat & her cape blew several pieces away & i lost a piece lol so i had to cut it again!! It took forever...or felt like it... was a few hours thats for sure...i wouldn't recommend it if you are either looking after kids, drunk or have no you really need to be able to think how the pieces go together!! I cut the windows out of vellum so that i could put a battery operated candle inside. Im yet to make it look more spooky & have plans today to cut some trees ect youngest son told me it needs a ghost!

We were all given a frame to decorate..i did mine in a hurry so that i could get on with the house that everyone told me would take all day....Inspired then took all our pics to go in them which was a great idea...i am going to put mine on a layout later!

I think this was someones husband....he might be a reg....he waited ages for his wife to stop scrappin'...poor guy!!!

I will be back later with some of the pages i got done for some challenge blogs!!

thanks for flying in to have a look

♥ from Me

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