Thursday, September 1, 2011

September has arrived!!

Hi all
wow September is here already & what a nice sunny start to didnt last long & by school pick up time it had turned dark & stormy looking!

I got some great mail today...from Sawyers Place She has just started a blog so head on over & say G'day!!
So what did i get in the mail?? Washi tape of course!! Its so cool...i got the Measuring Tape TAPE, plus 2 other designs which i will be creating with shortly plus some hot fix rhinestones in xmas colours!

I had a busy day today but when i seen that the measuring tape arrived i just had to make a quick card!!

How cute is that tape!!! I also made a matching envelope :) The Tape goes upto 15 before returning back to 1 again...I have so many ideas running through my head when i look at this tape! Also the tools were cut from Everyday Paper dolls!

Also i wanted to give you all a quick update of how Jacob ( plastic jacob, not my son jacob) is going on his blog hop around the world. I still cant wait to get him...but that will be closer to the end of his tour!

So to find out what he has been doing & to win some cool PEACHY KEEN faces head on over to The Country Lifes blog & leave a comment & see what Jacob has been upto..he looks so spunky fishing for something to eat!

Thanks for stopping by
♥ from Me


  1. Love that card! Liking the washi tape. The only ones I have seen so far are girly style tapes. This one is perfect. The cute little tools work well with it! x

  2. thanks chloe.....sawyers place has just got a new shipment in that have several boy colours..blues browns, glue gingham blue & white stripe & im hoping to get the red with white spots & the green with white spots as i think they will go excellent with the Pirate stack we have!!

  3. gah spelling not glue!!

  4. you rocked this Fathers day Card, Michelle!

    Love what you did with the tape, tape! and love those nifty tools!!!