Saturday, September 10, 2011

scrappin saturday!

Hi again

Got the music crankin & the layouts are flying off the table!

Here is a double page layout that i will add to Scrappin Chics Challenge Blog. I actually chose this challenge!! I actually have another page in mind for this challenge but i also wanted to get this one done as i cant find my photos...gah!! i know they are here somewhere!!

So i chose this challenge because in Australia most states seem to have a huge agricultural show with rides & heaps of fun also animals & exhibitions from around the state ect...its a must thing to go to each year...we used to save up pocket money to go months in advance when i was a kid!!
Our Royal show in Perth is in October school holidays & the kids cant wait!!

But for now i did a layout of another fun thing to do in WA...Adventure World!!

I added one of the wrist bands we all had to wear while at adventure world to the layout :)

thanks for stopping by
♥ from Me


  1. Have a fun day scrapping...can nto wait to ee what else you make.

  2. They are flying off the table. LOVE this layout and the colours. Adventure World! LOVED that place as a kid. Looks like it's had a huge upgrade! Love your colours and the rollercoaster cut. Can't wait to see your Royal Show layouts this October!

  3. hi
    thanks :) yes i have plans to get scrappin again today!! I still havent scrapped the royal show from last year!! they are the photos that went awol. Adventure world is having yet another new attraction go in as we speak so this october it will be all set to go when the season cove is lots of fun now with lots of tip buckets, rides ect...couldnt fit them all on one layout!!

  4. Michelle, I have been trying to get a hold of you, you won the September challenge over at Scrappin Chics!!! Congratulations. Please email me at with your information. Thanks!