Saturday, May 21, 2011

where did may go??

Its seems like ages since i have blogged....i wonder where the month of may has gone!
My life has been busy this month....but i now have a few minutes to update!
Yesterday i had my sewing machine out mending a few items for friends and i also had a t shirt ready to be done for my i got that done & off my to do list!
I had an old shirt with some applique pictures that i loved but the t shirt was old & raggy so i cut them off & sewed them onto a new t shirt for my son...he loves it! Its really good to recycle too!
here is a pic of him wearing it after i made it

I also went to my first "bug day scrap attack" at a local scrapbooking was ALL DAY!! i would love to say i got heaps done...but i really didnt! i had such a headache that i just wasnt really into it...but i did cut several things out and did a few simple pages...but i find if i dont feel well or inspired ...i just cant seem to scrap!! I did book in for next month so will do a redo & see how much i can do ( hope im not unwell then either!)

here are some pics of what i did on the day

Hope you have a lovely scrappy sunday!
♥ from Me


  1. Great idea on the recycle appliques, your son is a cutie! Blessings, Lori m

  2. Love the shirt! Glad you at least got a day to scrap, it is sometimes hard to get anything done in a crowd of inspirational scrappers. Hope you feel better soon and your mojo comes back! Jacob will help you find it soon! x

  3. OH what wonderful work you did! I know what you mean! May has flown!